My Fave Guitarrist... SLASH!

5 years ago

Simnce this week Slash`s new single came out I decided to do a post about my favorite guitarrist which is Slash!
I know, I know, if you still know about guitarrists, rock n roll and ghood music you`ll probably tell me that though Slash is amazing he isn`t as good Jimmi Hendrix or Jimmy Page, which my be truth, techinaclly he may not be, but in my opinion, he is the best guitarrist ever!
Slash is my idol, the reasdon why I bought my guitar at 13 years old, he inspired me since the first day I heard of Guns n` roses, I tihnk he has something that no guitarrist will never have, no matter how good they might be, Slash expresses emotions through his guitar, of sadness, happiness, love... he almost makes the guitar speak, he always gets me on the mood of the songs thanks to his solos...
I love his humbility, he is an icon, a legend and I don`t think he`s even aware of that, he`s always so humble and he always says "oh no i`m not that good", but he is, he is the best, he inspired a generation to pick up a guitar and he stil does that, he did it with me and with my cousin!
He is an amaizng person, and he has an amazing wife and two cute little heartbreaks, Cash and London :)! Not many artist would be able to kepp up with the good work after an epic band like Guns n Roses but he did, and all things considered he is the best in the world men!
rock n fn` roll!

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