My Fashion BFF Fabric Shaver!

2 years ago

Hey luuuxers,

I just wanted to post quickly about my best friend in my wardrobe.

Oddly enough, it`s not an article of clothing, but rather a tool for making my clothes look their very best - my fabric shaver!

Honestly, I think this is an investment everyone should make, since it helps keep your clothes looking their very best!

We all hate it when our clothes start to pill since it makes them look dull and old - this simple gadget eliminates that problem! I have tried the tip of using an old razor, but I feel like that can cause some damage to the clothes and this is much better.

And they are generally pretty inexpensive, so it makes sense to spend a couple of dollars for a long term investment! They are also relatively easy to find - you can find them at department stores, craft stores or even places like Walmart. I have had mine for a few years, after I bought it at a sale for around 6 or 7 dollars if I remember correctly. And it has been super handy ever since.

Speaking of `handy` (terrible joke, sorry), I recently used the fabric shaver on my gloves and I couldn`t help but show off the results to you guys!

I`ve been wearing these gloves for the majority of this winter, and as you can see from the gloves on the left, they have been pilling pretty badly. So I broke out my trusty fabric shaver, and they look as good as new!

I can`t tell you how many sweaters and shirts I have saved since they were starting to look all old an dingy! It seems like such a small thing, but it makes a huge difference! Just looking at the glove on the left, you can`t really notice anything, but compared to the one on the right, it looks darker and even dirtier/ And it usually takes just a few minutes to run this thing over your clothes (though admittedly, these gloves took a bit longer than usual since they had gotten really bad! lol)

I have even used these on my bed sheets, and I swear they felt softer than before thanks to all those bumpy pills being removed.

So if you feel like some of your clothes are starting to look a little used, this may be the solution you are looking for! It`s a great way to save some money by making your old clothes look new again! :)


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