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4 years ago

If anyone else is trying to lose weight, I have some tips. After countless "diets", for some reason those extra 10 pounds always seem to come back. But I`ve finally figured out what seems to work best. The best way to drop some weight is to add in exercise and drop your amount of processed foods, which usually means carbs.

First try to change your diet. If you eat cereal for breakfast, switch to a low carb option like Greek yogurt with berries or eggs and ham. Eat enough to keep you full so there is no need to snack until lunch. You will find switching to a higher protein breakfast like this will keep you full longer!

Lunch and dinner could be a piece of chicken and some veggies or a salad with some meat on top. And don`t load on the dressing or croutons!! Remember to eat as much protein as possible so even adding some cottage cheese on the side will help to make a salad a more filling meal.

For your carbs, add in a piece of whole wheat bread or brown rice to one or two of your meals, but not every meal if you are trying to lose weight.

Figure out when the best time for you is to exercise. If you are motivated in the mornings, go for that. Or if your evenings are free, try working out then. It really depends on your schedule. I prefer working out after work because it helps me relax after a long day. Try some exercise videos, go for a jog, or join your gym - whatever it takes to keep you motivated.

Avoid processed foods - anything that comes in a box is filled with junk. Not to mention that I recently read that boxed foods have on average 30 bug body parts ground into them - ugh! Wouldn`t you rather eat some freshly made hummus and carrots than the unknown items in a box of crackers!

Finally, it is so important to keep up with your healthy habits. I know this is my worst offense to gaining back the weight I have lost. If you get that all or nothing mindset, it is easy to get off track and then get back into bad habits. Keep checking your weight to make sure you are within your goal and have a treat every once in awhile but don`t let it get out of hand.

Keep up these healthy habits and make them part of your lifestyle - it really is as easy as that!

What are your tips and tricks to staying at a healthy weight?

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