My experience with Dukan Diet

I have always been overweight, that`s a fact. Sometimes I had more to lose, others I was too close to get to be in my healthy weight but for some or other reason I always failed.
Thing is after a strict diet with a good doctor, eating healthy, doing some regular sport, drinking lot of water... I got to lose 25 kilos (yeah!!) but then there were just a little more to lose that my body resisted to lose.

The thing is after leave the diet I gained back like 2 or 3 kilos, which is normal, because I relaxed somehow from the diet and then I start feeling overwhelmed by the idea of gaining all that weight back again. What did I want? A good diet that warrantied me to lose the 7/8 kilos I still wanted to lose. My body, after years of diet, had got a little crazy and even my doctor diet wasn`t working for me anymore. So I just eat healthy but didn`t lose anything.

SO yeah, I wanted a kind of miracle. And then I found the dukan diet. I was so excited for all the good things I read on their site and for the wise I could feel in its method. What an idiot I was! I did the dukan diet for like 2 weeks, basing all my meals and dinners and breackfast in JUST proteins... not a single fruit, not anything that had even natural sugar. My body start feeling tired ALL the time and I got an headache in the day 5 and until the day 14th, when I decided this couldn`t be good. My legs and arms was hurting me a lot as well, and I needed to rest the whole time.

So finally I`m back to eating healthy (but not forgetting fruits and its great natural sugar), drinking water and doing sport. This is my advice for all those girls looking for miracle diets: they don`t exist. It`s better to be slow but safe :)

Forgot to say: all the weight I lost in those 2 weeks of Dukan diet, I gained it back in like 3 days of eating normal (not even abussing on "forbidden" foods).

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