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5 years ago

The whole idea started when a friend of mine and I saw this deal for eyelash extensions. We got super excited and, of coarse, went to get the procedure done. The whole process was almost two hours long; they tape your eye lids still and apply each lash. You decide on what thickness, length and amount of curl you want for each section of your eyelash (they break it up into three sections: inner, middle, outer). You decide, but not fully. You have to have a balance between the lenght and the weight (thickness/volume), so you can ask for an overall effect but, again, you dont have the full control of the look.

The first time you get them done the procedure should be a little longer and a lot more expensive (100-200$) then the following fillings (40-60$). As i said before, my first time I used a deal that i found online. It wasnt my local salon but it was definitely worth the savings!
The extensions will stay on for 3-4 weeks but its highly suggested to get a filling on the 3rd week and it can become an expensive procedure on the long run.

Personally, my natural eyelashes tend to grow and fall quite fast so the look (with the extensions) is very hard to keep. The extensions require more maintenance, you have to be careful not to rub your eyes, sleep on them, not use oil based makeup remover and not use waterproof mascara. The effect definitely gives you a natural glow to your face and it will shorten your makeup routine.

Overall, it can be worth it for some people to keep filling them but my natural eyelashes fall to fast for it. 6.5/10

Mariella Katz

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