My Exotic Smoothie!

5 years ago

This picture was not from today but a few days ago. I was at the local mall with my friends and we stopped for some lunch at Subway!! I love subway, but I actually didn`t get any since I wasn`t hungry enough for a footlong and I really wanted something cold. Right next to subway was a little restaurant that was selling little desserts and their own handmade smoothies. Now the prices that they had were on the higher side, but the smoothies were good so it was kinda worth it. I got a medium for 4,19.... so yeah.. kinda pricy but

My smoothie flavor was mango and pineapple! I know, talk about exotic!! They had your simple flavors such as berries and banana, but they also had stuff like mango, and even passion fruit! I wanted to try the passion fruit, but I was afraid that I wouldn`t like it and with a price like that, I didn`t want to take the risk. I love mangos and pineapples so I decided to go for that smoothie. Mango`s are honestly one of the best fruits when they are ripe!

The smoothie was absolutely amazing! I was thirsty after walking around the mall and the drink quenched my thirst right away. It was sweetened just enough (hehe ignore that sugar packet on the side... I enjoy consuming sugar from the bag for some reason) and the taste was unique . You could def. taste both pineapple and mango, but the mango had a stronger taste in the drink overall which was fine by me!

Are you a fan of mangos and pineapples?
What is your favorite smoothie flavor?

*picture is mine*

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