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4 years ago

In every Outfit of the Day that I post here, I always tell you guys that for accessories, Im wearing my everyday jewelry but you cant really ever see them! I thought it was time for my to introduce you to these little pieces that I always keep with me, no matter where I go and what I do! Now, just as a little disclaimer, I dont want you guys to think that I am bragging. I am so thankful for all of these gifts, and I only want to share this with you.

1. Penelope Necklace
So if you didnt already know, my name is Pénélope, haha! A few years ago, I saw some celebrities (Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale, Demi Lovato) wearing necklaces with their names written on it. I thought it was so delicate and pretty, I wanted one! I added it to my Christmas Wishlist. My mom got it for me from Sears. I believe it is a 10K yellow gold. My mom order it from Sears, but didnt receive it until December 24th around 5 oclock, and we open our present on December 24th at night. She was so glad she had finally received it! The chain did break 3 times, but my grandparents decided to change the chain for a better one as a birthday present! Ive ha dit for 3-4 years now, and I never take it off! The only time I took it off was for prom!

2. Diamond Stud Earrings
Last year was my senior year of high school. For prom, my mom wanted to organise a little pre-prom party just before going there. All of my friends and family were invited. My grandparents arrived earlier than everyone to help my parents. They surprised me with a nice gift, These really cute studded diamond earrings. Im not the kind of girl that change up earrings all the time, so it was the perfect gift for me! I am so grateful to them, I cannot believe they got this for me! They said its because they were really proud of me. I love them to death!

3. Versace Silver Ring
Last but not least, my beautiful Versace ring. My boyfriend and I have had our 1 year anniversary on January 27th. We decided not to give each other gifts, because we thought we didnt need to reward ourselves for staying together, we love each other and no gift is needed. However, when Valentines Day was coming by, we decided to make each other a gift for Valentines Day and our 1 year anniversary mixed together. On Febuary 13th, Valentines day Eve, my boyfriend texted me and told me he was at the mall and couldnt find anything for me. I was kind of desappointed, not really by the fact that he didnt find anything, but more because he waited last minute. On the 14th, I arrived to my house from school, and he was there. He gave me a little box, and I seriously couldnt believe it. I opened it and it was that gorgeous ring. Turns out he had bought it a month before, and he was only joking me when he said he didnt buy me anything. He chose the perfect gift <3

Thoughts? Do you have jewelry that you always keep with you?
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