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Hey gorgeous ladies! Long time no see. ;) In my last few (very rare) posts Ive been kind of talking about Sugarpill eyeshadows. In the last couple months I went on a Sugar Pill spree and bought almost every colour I want. Almost, but not quite. Im still thinking of purchasing Buttercupcake, Midori, Stella, Decora, Royal Sugar, and Magpie at some point but a few other things are currently taking priority over buying new makeup. Im going to show you my Sugarpill collection now and talk a bit about it. Im not going to include swatches though because there are swatches ALL over the internet so if you really want them by all means, do a quick google search and youll find tons. Besides, my swatches always suck anyways so Im not going to bother. ;) To be honest, I also really dislike on the hand or arm swatches because generally speaking, the skin on your eyes is NOT the same as the skin on your hand or arm. So swatches on those areas will not accurately show how the colours will appear on your eyes. So, the first picture shows my overall Sugarpill collection at this point. At the back I have all my ChromaLust loose eyeshadows. The bottom row is: Asylum, Lumi, Goldilux, and Hysteric then on the top row I have Starling, Absinthe, and Tiara. Laid out in front of that are the pressed eyeshadows. The back row is Afterparty, Acidberry, Flamepoint, and Love+. Second row is Poison Plum, Tako, Velocity, and Mochi. And the last row is Dollipop, 2am, and Bulletproof. The next two pictures are just me playing with the camera and lining up my collection in different ways for fun. Im a dork, I know. :) If I had to pick favourites Id say that for the pressed eyeshadows Mochi, Dollipop and Poison Plum are my favourites. I thought Acidberry would be my #1 because I looooove lime green but Im not a huge fan of the formula and I find that (on me) it doesnt show up as bright as it looks in the pan. But maybe I just havent figured out how to use it yet. For the ChromaLusts, my favourites are Goldilux, Lumi, and Hysteric. Again, the one I thought Id be crazy about didnt end up being as great as I expected and thats Asylum. It ended up being more of an orangey or brown red than a true bright cherry red like I hoped. I still love both the colours Im disappointed in, they just didnt end up being quite what I had hoped for. What Sugarpill eyeshadows do you have? Which ones would you get if you were going to buy any? You can see more info and a review of the products and company and way more pictures over at my blog, Sugarpill can be bought at`` /> ***All Pictures Are My Own For Use On Luuux And My Blog In The Source Link***

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