My Elf Brushes: Review

Hey guys! About two years ago I started getting into buying makeup and watching makeup videos on youtube. I stated to look for some for some brushes. At that time I knew MAC was wait out of my price range. I wanted to look for some brushes that were affordable and soft. Through some videos I heard of ELF, I went to their website and couldn`t believe their prices. I saw that they had some brushes starting at $1. I decided to order some products.
E.L.F. Essential:
This were my first brushes I have tried and purchased. This brushes start at $1. They are cheapest but not the best. There are 15 brushes in this category. I only own four brushes frome the essential line. I recommend the eye brushes but not the face one. The face brush is very scratchy and sheds a lot. This brush is not durable because the handle became loose.
E.L.F Studio line
I think this is the most popular section. I have more brushes from this section because they are so soft and they don`t shed at all. These brushes were only $3 each!! I am wanting to buy backs up for these brushes. Seriously, I have used them almost everyday for 2 years! I actually want to buy all the brushes in this section.
E.L.F. Mineral
I only have two brushes from this section. These brushes are $5 each. The reason why I only have two brushes from this section is because I purchased these at Ross. Who knew I was going to find them there. I purchased them for about $2-3 at Ross. I wouldn`t buy more from this section I would just buy them from their studio line.
I recommend these brushes for those who are looking for soft brushes at and affordable price.

-Do you own any Elf brushes?
-Do you like them?
-Pictures are mine.

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