My DIY Woven Chain Bracelet! (first attempt)

4 years ago

Hello Luuuxers! I know that arm candy has been super popular since probably about spring and summer of this year and I have been really liking the trend as well so I decided to jump onto the bandwagon and get one myself, except I DIY-ed mine! If you ask anyone I know, they would probably tell you that I really enjoy crafts, arts, and that kind of stuff because I do. For some reason, I love having my hands busy working on a project or something and when I saw a tutorial ( ) I was just DYING to try them so today, I finally decided to get off my butt and head over to Michael`s which is where I got all of the supplies that I used to make this! This bracelet was thought up my Anneorshine on Youtube who is probably like the craftiest Youtuber out there but anyways, I thought that these were super cute and the price that I paid was SO worth it compared to how much I would have paid for a store bought version of these (they cheapest for these types of bracelets that I have seen is $12.99, yikes!) For all the materials, I paid a total of $6 for all of these materials which is less than half the price. It was a great deal!
Store Bought: $12.99 or more
Home-Made: : $6
Savings:: $6.99 or more! The only problem with these is that it is kind of hard to make in the beginning and once I was done, the suede cord that I used rubbed my thumb and it feels kind of sore/ raw now. Ouch! It might be worse for most people because my hands are pretty tough after working with them so much but its still worth it for the cute result you got!
What do you think of this bracelet? Would you consider making it ever?
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