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4 years ago

Hey luuuxers. So, if you usually keep an eye out for my posts, you should probably know by now that I own my own company. I am just getting started out. I make many different products. Mostly makeup, moisturizers, lotions, nail polishes, and lip glosses. I do take requests, though. And, I always try to succeed the request. Of course, just starting out, business really isn`t booming! My products are all organic and made by myself! I do not buy products then re sell. I make everything! The process is timey, but I love the process! It`s the funnest part! My prices are not bad at all, in my opinion. Since I have started my own line of products, I obviously use my own makeup. So, I don`t find myself out in the expensive makeup stores like Sephora, mac, urban decay, elf, etc. Of course, I can`t exactly stay away from them 100%. I still do go there for some basics or some new items that I think are just gorgeous. But, my moisturizers, polishes, glosses, blushes, foundations, lotions, and much much more...they are what I use most of the time. Like I said, I love making them...and I do use many organic ingrediants for just one product. Building up stock takes a while considering it is only me doing this stuff...but I know that everything is all good and that it all goes in correctly. So, instead of paying 20+ dollars for special moisturizing foundations at Sephora, I think it is much more money savvy to purchase my organic special moisturizing foundations for only $10.00. All the moisturizing foundations I have made so far are liquid. But, when I get reccomentdations for powder foundations... of course I am going to give it a shot! If you want to read more, go to my company website " ". I will be updated pictures and prices and more info very shortly on there LOve ya luuuxers!

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