My DIY Jean Phone Case!

5 years ago

Philosophy: If I have a phone case made out of jean and I stick it in my pockets, then it`ll camoflage with my pants and no teacher will ever catch me with a phone! Haha, this was a joke but it works anyway :)

So while I was watching a drama on my laptop yesterday, I decided to get my hands moving and I was in the mood to accessorize my phone again so this time, I came up with a jean phone pouch idea. What I did was I took 2 pieces of jean that I cut out from a broken pair of jeans and put them together. I made one side have an extra triangle at the top so that it could fold over to close the pouch later (look at picture for an idea) Make sure the part that you want facing inside is facing out. Then I sewed the ends, leaving only 1 side open for the phone hole. I resewed the ends until I did it a total of 3 times just in case my first sew didn`t last or broke. Then I flipped it so that the correct side was facing outwards. I sewed on pop buttons so that I could pop the pouch opened and closed. Finally, I sewed a little button over the opposite side of the pop button to cover the stitches and add a cute touch.

This was so simple that any beginner (like me) could make!

<cite>*pictures are mine*</cite>

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