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4 years ago

Hey everyone! So as you might know if you saw my first attempt post over the DIY Woven Chain Bracelets, you would know that since then, I have gotten super into making my own jewelry! So far, I have only made a few but I think that they look really nice and this is probably as much as I`m going to make unless I make more colors of the one in the last picture using the rhinestone chains! I think that making DIY jewelry is so much for affordable than just buying them plus its super relaxing and fun!

<strong>Teal Woven Chain Bracelet</strong>
This one is probably my favorite because of the color scheme! I think that teal and gold look gorgeous together and the silver chain makes it a bit more cool toned, I guess. I really like this one and it was my second one so I learned to make it fit my wrist snugly ^_^

<strong>Green Woven Chain Braclelet</strong>

Hehe I love the color of the suede lace on this one! It looks so spring-timey and fun! This one has a gold and silver chain, just like the teal one :)

<strong>Periwinkle Woven Chain Bracelet w/ Rhinestones</strong>
This one was the first that I made and I don`t like the colors that I chose much but I like the little rhinestones that were incorperated into the woven part because it adds a bit of discreet glam to the whole look. I made this one a bit too big but whatever

<strong>Blue Rhinestone Bracelet</strong>
Okay so this one is different from the others but it was the EASIEST thing to make! All you have to do is take a rhinestone chain and wrap some string in between each rhinestone and then you get this! I`m currently working on an orange gradient and it looks pretty nice so far!

<strong>What do you think of these?</strong>

<cite>*Pictures are mine, please do not take*</cite>
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