My Dissapointment in quotNEUTROGENA`S SUNLESS TANNING FOAMquot


Okay, so I know it`s summer, and alot of people are looking for quicker (less harmful) ways of getting tanner this summer! This includes me. I am naturally on the paler side, so I thought that buying a decent self-tanning lotion would do the trick.

Everyone suggested Jergen`s Self Tanning lotion (and I`ve used it before, and it works wonders). But when I was at my local Shopper`s Drugmart, they had recently run out of Jergen`s Self Tanning lotion (bummer). So, I decided to look at other brands.

I picked up Neutrogena`s "Sunless Tanning Foam," and it looked very decent. I have used Neutrogena`s moisturizers before, and they worked great for me!

But I was TOTALLY wrong. When I tried out this self-tanner, I knew never again to buy it again! It was terrible, there was NOTHING good about this self-tanning foam. I had to make a list...

1. makes you look orange (WORST NIGHTMARE EVER)

2. rubs off easy

3. very drying

4. is not moisturizing (since it`s a foam)

5. blotchy looking

6. makes your skin smell wierd after

7. very streaky

8. terrible finish

Overall, DON`T WASTE YOUR MONEY. It cost about $9.00, but it was still a waste. This so called "self-tanning lotion" is every girl`s nightmare. Everything a girl DOESN`T want in a self tanning lotion is exactly what`s in this!

I had to throw it out, it was absolutely no good at all. I later checked online and realized it got a lot of bad reviews too. Serves me right for not checking before buying!

Anyways, now I have some questions for you guys...

1. Have you experienced this?
2. Do you like Neutrogena?

Comment below if you have any questions, XO! :)

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