My Disappointment with Luuux

4 years ago

I have been a continuous active user on Luuux now for over two years. I have invested time into writing quality posts, uploading my own pictures, and recruiting friends to use the site as well. With that said, allow me to express my frustration and, yes, anger with Luuux.

I began my journey on Luuux over two years ago with one goal in mind: to get the LV bag. Back then, the bag cost around 48,000 Luuux$ or so and the price continued to rise. I was okay with the continual price raises because I continued working toward my goal. I write posts on a regular basis and visit the site daily to like and comment on other peoples` posts. Within the past month, I hit enough points to finally get the LV bag. All I had to do was earn just a little more to cover the shipping. In the meantime, however, Luuux decided to redo the entire ship and more than QUADRUPLE the price of the bag I have been working two plus years to get. I am sorry, but this is very frustrating for me.

I consider myself a Luuux veteran. I know the site inside and out because of my activity for the past couple years. In a way, I feel let down by Luuux. Surely they`ve noted the members who are "loyal" and follow the guidelines and remain constantly active? I hate to say that I feel as if my hard work has been for naught, but this IS how I feel... I put up with price increases and changes for years and just kept going, knowing eventually I would reach my goal. But now the bar is set impossibly high. Truly.

I really don`t know now how much longer I will continue with Luuux. I do love the community of people, but the incentive for joining that once was no longer is what it used to be. This is unfortunate and, personally, is something that I feel is a poor business move. I`ll see how things go in the coming weeks and months... but it`s hard to stay committed to something that has let you down immensely.

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