My Cute New Panda Speaker

5 years ago

When I`m watching stuff on my laptop, I like to hook it up to my tv so I get a bigger viewing area. But since Apple likes to complicate things, just having an HDMI cable isn`t enough. You need a completely separate jack to get the sound to play through the tv. I bought the jack but it didn`t work and I just gave up on it. Instead I went and bought a portable speaker which seemed like an easier solution.

Since I`m broke, I browsed Amazon for some cheap speakers. I didn`t need really expensive nice ones since I`m just going to be using it to watch stuff on my tv. I stumbled upon this adorable panda speaker for $20 which was pretty inexpensive compared to the rest! It had pretty good reviews too and it`s very compact. It took about 3 days to get here and it`s even cuter in person! It`s a spherical speaker with tiny panda ears and 2 huge eyes which are the speakers.

I still haven`t had a chance to use it but I have high hopes! Even if they don`t work out it`ll be fine since they were inexpensive. I`ll just use it as a cute paper weight haha. So do any of you have a GOgroove speaker? If you do how do you like it?

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