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as my old faithful stalker will tell you (yes, you bearded lady), I am an old hag. in fact I am almost 37 yrs old and boy have I lived them fully !!! anyways, I can`t say I started taking care of my skin early on, really wish I had but I am happy to say I am now and here is my arsenal, btw, this might be a lengthy ones, hey - skin care is no joke !

this does not include face wash because I am in between products, so far I`ve been using the Bliss fabulous foaming face wash but I`m almost out so I`m trying the Cetaphil for normal to oily skin. also, to give you a little skin background - I suffered through acne as a teenager, I had chicken pox at 16 and have hyper pigmentation as well as melasma aka pregnancy mask. because of the HP, even the smallest breakout leaves a brown mark.


I use two. the Origins Plantscription is great for those little frown lines between your brows. it`s kinda expensive at $55 for 1oz but it has done wonders for my forehead, all those little fine lines. I use about 1/2 a pump on my forehead only.

Lancome Visionnaire is definitely a splurge, a major one especially when you think about the fact that it`s $89 for 1oz. that being said - this has made an incredible difference in my skin. I honestly think that this truly works. I don`t know if it`s really doing anything for fine lines because I only apply it on my cheeks, nose and chin but I do know that it`s brightening my face. I`ll do a more in depth review later on.


I only use one eye cream in the am and pm and that`s the origins starting over. it might seem expensive because a little pot is $37, but it is really nice, it keeps the skin around my eyes nice and moisturized and although I do have wrinkles, not gonna lie, they would be a lot worse if it wasn`t for this.


a cheap but great product is the queen helene mint julep clay mask. oh how I love this !!! I love how my face feels refreshed after I use it and quite soft. to be honest, I have no freaking clue if it in fact does anything for my skin, but I just like the fact that it makes me feel pampered when I use it lol

another origins product I use is the brighter by nature high potency peel with fruit acids. it is strong in the sense that you can only use it every couple of days as opposed to daily. you MUST use spf if you are going to be outside after using this. I however only use it at night and I don`t put anything after so that one product doesn`t cancel out the other, even so, it doesn`t dry out my skin at all. it`s not cheap, I mean each tub has 40 pads and it`s $39, totally worth it though.


I use two and they`re so not expensive LOL I picked up the ponds clarant B3 last year because I was looking for something that was for my specific skin type and this claimed to correct dark spots so yeah, had to try it. I personally love scented products, I love them, and the clarant smells like - flowers. it`s pleasant, it`s smooth and it doesn`t make me ultra oily so this is my daytime moisturizer. I`ve heard great things about the ponds rejuveness anti wrinkle one but it`s one of those "all skin types" moisturizer and if I use it during the day, yeah, oil slick. I use this at night and it`s perfect, it`s decadent and it makes my skin feel great. it`s heavily scented, not like flowers but like classic ponds from the 80s (my aunts used ponds), so it`s a little like baby powder and yeah, I freaking love it. I did some research before I bought it and I swear, this sucker gets 4-5 stars all around. the ponds tubs are 7oz and about $12 each, what a great deal !!!

I am happy with my skin, I have made peace with all my marks and spots and do not stress about full coverage foundations and concealers to hide them all, that`s not to say I won`t do anything to make them less visible when I can though. it just means that I don`t feel all uncomfortable when I go out without makeup, in fact I do that a lot lol

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