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3 years ago

Hey ladies! I`ve finally found the PERFECT combination of hair product for my hair!! After such a long time of testing out different shampoos and hair care products I have finally found a perfect combo! Seriously my hair has never been healthier and i`m so excited to share my routine!!!

Okay first things first. DO NOT. I REPEAT. DO NOT. WASH YOUR HAIR EVERY DAY OR EVEN EVERY OTHER DAY. This SERIOUSLY strips the hair of natural oils and gives you that ugly straw/fried hair feel. I know some of you feel that if you don`t wash your hair every day it just gets to oily and yucky BUT that`s because your hair is so used to being washed each day. Wanna know how many times i wash my hair? once every 4-5 days. YEAH. When i started cutting down on my hair washes my hair was oily too! (I wore a lot of up dos...) But eventually after about 2 months my hair calmed down and doesn`t produce an excess amount of oils anymore. Please. I cannot stress this enough. WASH YOUR HAIR ONCE A WEEK OR EVERY 4 DAYS MIN.

Shampoo: I`ve been LOVING aveda`s shampure shampoo. The smell is great and it`s got natural botanicals in it. I love the way this feels on my hair and it really cleans it well. I focus mainly on the scalp and add a little shampoo to the body of my hair.

Conditioner: ORGANIX MOROCCAN ARGAN OIL CONDITIONER!!! WOOO this stuff smells AMAZING!!! And it makes your hair so soft!!! It also helps fix damaged hair (split ends, over dying, washing too much). It helps strengthen your hair and it`s super softening. I only use this on the body of my hair and focus on the ends. I don`t put this on my scalp because i think it gets my scalp too oily.

BRUSHING: When i work my conditioner in i wait 3-5 minutes before i wash it out. I also finger comb my hair. NEVER USE A BRUSH ON WET HAIR. even on dry hair it still damages it. I try not to brush my hair too much. Fingers are the best comb!

DRYING: Whenever i can, I try to air dry my hair. It`s the best and healthiest way. BUT if you`re in a rush I like to use a drop of RUSK heat thermal serum. A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY. I just rub this stuff between my hands and apply to my hair focusing on the ends.

Fly-aways and shine: I LOOOOVEEEE biosilk silk therapy. A little bit of this rubbed between your palms and finger combed onto your hair is amazing. It helps split ends and it gives your hair an extra kick of shine and softness!!!! Love love love!

-Wring out excess water with your hands
-DO NOT roughly rub your hair with a towel. Gently squeeze the water from your gain onto the towel
Hope this post helped! good luck ladies!

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