My Cookie Monster Cake and How You Can Make Your Own

3 years ago

I recently made this cookie monster cake and im going to tell you how you can do yours, its actually not a difficult process.
I havent made a post on luuux in a bit, but I have been checking in on luuux when I can :) So, to break this period without posting, I decided to start with a cake I did recently and that im actually proud of lol So, to celebrate a special occasion and because I felt like doing a cake/dessert that was different, i took inspiration from a cookie monster cupcake I saw and decided im going to make a cookie monster cake!. It might seem difficult but it actually is not, but it does require some patience and one or two tricks.
So, here is how you do it:

1-Make your favorite kind of cake. For the one you see in the picture I did a chocolate cake and here is a simple recipe for it:
2 cups of flour
2 cups of sugar
6 eggs
1 glass of milk
1 cup of cocoa powder

Mix all the ingredients until the batter starts to create air bubbles. I do recommend to add the milk gradually so you dont add to much of it and end up with a batter that is too liquid. There isnt a specific baking time, I dont like to follow does times to much because not all ovens are the same and so just bake it until once you insert a skewer or a spaghetti (if you dont have a skewer) comes out clean.

Again, you can either follow the recipe or just use other one you like and are used to.

2-Cut the cake in half and make the filling.. For mine I made a whipped cream with strawberry filling and its very easy, just chop some strawberries and leave them with some sugar to make them more sweet, so I advice you to do this before starting the cake so they stay more time on sugar. Whisk some cream until it gets a thick consistency like whipe cream and then add the strawberries by gently folding them with the cream.
Again, this step isnt exactly essential for actual cookie monster decoration, but it always tastes good on the cake but its up to you if you would want to do this part or not.

3- Now the good and fun part =D Get some blue food coloring, and I know some people are not to happy using food coloring and im not a huge fan also but the amount used is not that high and its a once in a while thing. Its just as simple as making whipped cream, like in the filling I explained before, and add the food coloring. Add it slowly and let it mix so you can see the color and add accordingly or otherwise will turn out to blue. Also, be careful because the food coloring tens to get everywhere =X
Also, I used 400ml of cream to the outside blue frosting you see.

4- Now the other fun part, but that also requires patience. Get a piping bag or piping syringe with the star attachment(test out your attachments to see which ones you like to see best, but something that gives more marks/strides on the frosting is better) and just make small star blobs on all of the cake. I started on the top and then worked on the sides. Pay attention to the size of the blobs and the amount of frosting you have so you wont run out of it and leave the cake incomplete, so just do them small to be on the safe side.

5- Here is one of the tricks. I wasnt sure how I was going to do the eyes and then I looked at some oreos I had at home and thought thats it!. I opened the oreos to separate the white part in the middle and you have to also scrape it a bit because it can get some of the chocolate cookie on it. When removing this do It carefully and DONT CRUSH the oreo cookie& resist the impulse to eat it lol Get something round shapped and small, I used the tiny lid of the food coloring bottle and use it to cut the oreo cookie that will be the black part of the eye, just do it by slowing pressing it on the chocolate part of the oreo. Dont get frustrated if it doesnt work at first, i messed up a few also. To help it remove it from the bottle lid I use a toothpick and tried loosen it on the sides.
Then assemble the eyes together.

6- After the cake is all covered with the frosting, is time to finish this cookie monster. Place the eyes and get some chocolate chip cookies and just put them on top of the cake where his mouth would be, like the cookie monster just found your hidden stack of cookies :D I placed them vertically and to help them stay in placed I just did a small cut on the top of the cake ( dont cut it to much, just enough to stick the cookies on it) and that helped keeping them in place.

7- Its done! Serve it and enjoy :D

As you can see, its not that difficult but it requires some patience like I said but the end result is worth it and especially when you serve it. I was always thinking of ways to change but I resisted that urge and im glad I did because the reactions I got when I brought out the cake were awesome and everybody loved it :D

- What do you think? Have you ever made a cookie monster cake or any other cake/dessert with a more fun/cartoon theme?

If havent I hope you do one and if you have, share it with us. Hope to see your cookie monster cakes around here too!

( PS: Sorry about the tittle being `all together`. I had a `&` beteween cake and how but it doesn`t show after publish and i can`t change it =/ )

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