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4 years ago

I was cleaning my closet today and I had the idea of making a post about it, to show how is organized and how it looks like and I hope you enjoy it.
I always wanted a closet that I could walk in so when I decided to change my bedroom I convinced my dad to build me this closet, we bought wood planks and we cover them with red sticker paper that is the color of my room.
Lets start the tour:
Pic 1/2/3 is the view of the whole closet,I think my closet is not that big, I don`t know how I can put so many thing in it and I have to say that is normally not this clean.
Pic 4: Let`s start with shoes, I have many boots, they are so comfortable and I feel good in them, so first I have my flat tall boots and below my boots with heels.
Pic 5: You can see the boots with heels again and more flat boots, I have so many flat boots because I don`t wear heels during the day because I walk so much that at the end of the day I couldn`t stand. I also have my collection of havaianas, I wear them a lot during the summer and I don`t know if they are a hit in US but I live close to the beach and during summer everybody wears them and finally I have sneakers, I only wear sneakers to run or when I go on a trip that I know I`ll walk a lot.
Pic 6: Is the side shelf where I have more boots.
Pic 7: Here I have 2 pairs of sandals because I had no where else to put them xD and my favorite slippers that I love to wear on Christmas. Then I have my accessories on the pink box, not all od them the rest is below in the first drawer.
Pic 8: At the bottom of my closet I have 5 boxes with my sandals, I have to confess during summer is complicated open all of them to find the pair of sandals that I want.
I also have a big box with school papers and draws, a small boxes with random stuff, I don`t even know what I can find there and also my nail polishes box.
Pic 9: Inside my closet I have 4 drawers, and I don`t know why I didn`t took a picture of the first drawer but is where I keep some of my accessories, watches, hair products, etc. In this picture you can see the second drawer that has all my sunglasses and my straighter and my curling iron.
Pic 10: This is the third drawer and is where I keep my bathing suits.
Pic 11: The last drawer has some painting stuff and a collection of dvd`s that teaches you how to paint.
Pic 12: Finally my clothes, up on the hanger I have all my jackets, coats, cardigans and at the left that I think the picture doesn`t show I have some winter dresses and then I have my leggings.
Pic 13: Below on the hanger, I have my jeans then skirts and shorts and you guy can`t see because of side of the shelf I have all my summer dresses.
Pict 14: I also have a dresser that is where I keep the clothes that I don`t want to hang because it would take all my closet space.
I didn`t take a photo of the first drawer but is wear I keep my underwear and tights.
Pic 15: Second drawer is the one that is more full because I love tops and t-shirts, I`m always buying more and more. In the third drawer I keep my sleeping tops and shorts and also some tops that I only wear to the beach.
Pic 16: This is the last drawer and is where I have my winter sweater and shirts.
I`m sorry for the big text, I hope you guys like my closet.

*Pictures are mine. Please do not take*

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