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5 years ago

This is one side of my closet. I have 2 plastic storage bins with 5 drawers each. i have clothes, socks,personals, and baby clothes for my daughters. on top of those i have another plastic drawer with 2 drawers(on the left side, under the black purse) and i have some school paper work, Important papers and some school supplies. next to that i have my only 2 pairs of scrubs. moving on next to the scrubs i have some more storage containers a small 5 drawer plastic container where i have my hair ties, makeup depending on where they are used for (ex. face, lips etc.) next to that i have 2 plastic tubs the bottom one holds all of my nail polishes and the top one i have my nail accessories. and as you can see i have my belts and stethoscope and some Badge ID lanyards close to the wall. and on top of that i have a shelf with all of my magazines ive kept over the years, school textbooks and more important papers for and from school. and i kept my valentine chocolate box :D and thats about it. nothing fancy but i will have an update on this as soon as i get a better drawer system and/ or desk. What kind of storage ideas would you all suggests?

* picture is mine.

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