MY CAMERA : Nikon Coolpix L120

5 years ago

photo is mine, please do not take.

So alot of people have been asking me "what type of camera do you have?" and i thought i already made a post on this, but i decided to make a new one!

Anyways, so i got this camera around last june, because it was on sale at Future Shop for less than $300, so i really wanted to get it, because it looked really good and also i needed a new camera since my other is horrible (battery life and quality, which it was a Canon), so i decided to switch and get a Nikon.
So it is called the Nikon L120, from the Coolpix line.
So it isnt too bad nor the greatest camera! They have (i believe) 3 colours, black, red and a bronze/gold, but i got this shiny red.
So i`ve never had a Nikon before, so it was quite different for me. There was alot of options to choose for the picture type like Beach, Party Indoor, Fireworks, Close-Up, etc. Which was good because i loved playing around with it. The camera looks like a DLSR, but sadly it isnt! The camera is like a bulky and big type, which isnt that bad and it also comes with a strap. The zoom is pretty good, which i liked. The cons are that when you take the picture, it doesnt come out as good! For example, the camera kind of functions itself, so when you have something up close, it will make that object clear. But when you take that photo, sometimes it can come out really blurry (even when im holding it so still), the lighting is sometimes too bright (when it looked perfectly fine when i was looking at it and also it is quite slow, when i push the button to take the photo, it takes like a couple of seconds to load it in, and it sucks when youre taking a moving photo!
The camera overall isnt too bad, definitely an upgrade from my Canon Powershot, but wasnt the best camera. It was on sale when i got it, thats good but i dont think i wouldve gotten it if it wasnt on sale.
For me, it is like a 7 out of 10, not too bad, but not the best!

Any questions or comments? Write below!
*photo is mine

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