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2 years ago

I`ve been searching for a new pair of boots for a while now and finally landed two pairs that I like. Of course I prefer boots with heels but I`ll save that pair for later. I might end up getting another pair of boots with heels in brown. But for now these 2 new pair of boots will do. I actually went to Macy`s to try it on before purchasing online cause I hate returning things. I wanted to make sure the size was correct before ordering and was hoping they had it in stores. Well, when I was there, the shoe section was a mess, everyone was going crazy over the shoe section. Boots, heels, and shoes of all sorts were scattered everywhere. I couldn`t even find the boots I was looking for. But luckily I found one which was the left pair of the I tried it on and it was a good fit and the size was 7 but decided to go up 1/2 a size due to the pointed toe. The store didn`t have the BOGO pair of boots so I decided to go home and order it online and besides, like I said the shoe section was crazy that day and I wasn`t about to deal with all that
These boots were purchased on Macy`s site. They were having a BOGO sale on some of their bootsm plus I had a code for an extra 15% off. So the total I paid for these boots were a $55 and some change and I had free shipping. Not bad for 2 pair of boots.
They are by the brand White Mountain Funhouse Boots and the style are called Cliffs. I bought the colors in Black and Stone. There is another color option available which is the brown shade.
The Stone pair has 3 studs on the stop that is bronzed color while the black one has 3 silver colored studs. I wish the black pair came with the bronzed or gold colored studs instead.
The shaft of the boot is 13` tall and the circumference is 15`.
There is a 1/3` heel, so it`s not totally flat.
They sell these in regular and they also have wide calves sizes too.
There`s a zipper on the side.
The stone one looks more like faux suede material whereas the black one looks like faux leather.
I love the fact that I can wear leggings, skinny jeans or even regular jeans and be able to pull the boots over the jeans. The old pair of boots I have at home wouldn`t allow me to do that.
I bought the size in 7 1/2 cause the toe part is pointed and I find that size 7 is a bit too tight. And when I tried it on I wasn`t wearing any socks and I`m planning on having some socks on. So some of you might have to go up 1/2 a size.
So far these boots are really comfortable and is great to wear out during raining days that way you don`t get your feet wet. You could wear them for hours without killing your feel cause of the heel height, especially if you`re gonna do some crazy shopping for hours and
The only thing is that I find the circumference of the top to be a bit too big for me cause I don`t have huge calves but that`s something I can overlook since it`s not that large and I plan on sticking my jeans in it anyways.
All in all, I do like these pair of boots and don`t regret my purchase at all. And besides, I got a great deal too. Basically I only paid about $26 for each pair. Now I just have to find a nice brown pair with some nice heel height.

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