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5 years ago

I`m the type of girl that likes to start off with products at a low and affordable price rather than go completely all out and buy MAC, Chanel, YSL, etc. first. I do this because if and when I become more knowledgeable about make-up and want to put more money towards a product that I think will benefit me better, then I`ll go all out, but so far...I`m content with what I have.

I`m pretty good with money, so I use up what I have first rather than spending a crap-ton of money on something I already have 20+ of. I`m not bashing anyone for collecting make-up because some people find it a hobby, they`re make-up artists, or they have a problem. It`s just my personal opinion. :D

Now that I have that out of the way...

<strong>NYX Cream Blush "Glow"</strong>
- This is my one and only cream blush. I`m still getting used to this because putting any cream make-up products on my face still freaks me out, BUT so far this has not broken me out, it dries perfectly against my skin, it`s pigmented, but not to the point where it will make you look like a drag queen. This is my most pigmented out of all of my blushes. I like the more natural pink blush look.

<strong>ELF BLush "Candid Coral"</strong>
- I recently bought this in a haul and have used it a few times. So far, I love it. It definitely has that natural looking feature to it when you apply it on your face. I don`t pack it on, otherwise it will make me look flushed out and sick. I recommend this for someone with my skin tone or lighter.

<strong>ELF Blush "Tickled Pink"</strong>
- I`ve had this blush for awhile and I have to say it`s one of my favorites. It is PERFECT for spring and summer. It doesn`t overly pack the color on, but when the sun hits your face, it definitely brings out the rose-y cheeks. One thing I`m not too in love with is that it has some shimmer so it would only be good for during the day for a slight shimmer.

<strong>PUR Blush "Marble Pink"</strong>
- I`ve had this for awhile and this reminds me a bit of the NYX cream blush. It is HIGHLY pigmented and I love it. I think this is a really pretty blush for winter and fall, but for fall especially when you still have the tan from summer to compliment the blush.

<strong>ELF Blush & Bronzer Duo</strong>
- I like the blush in this duo. It reminds me of the Candid Coral, but it`s a bit more pigmented. There`s not much to say about this because it is so similar to Candid Coral.

- Do you own any of these?
- What`s your favorite type of blush? (cream, powder, pink, coral, pale)

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