My Blackgroud paintpot by MAC

4 years ago

Hello Luuuxers !

So this is a review about a product from MACthat quite disappointed =/
It is the Blackgroud paintpot.

It dried almost right after I bought it --`
I tried to take away what was above, I thought maybe underneath it would be less dry, hence the appearance... Fail --`

I really used a little bit of it before it was dry which is honestly a very bad thing compared with its price! There`s no way I`m repurchasing this, this is why I decided to buy a drugstore for my next black gel liner, at least if it dry quick, I won`t feel that bad ^^`

And it is super weird because I have Rubenesque and Idyllic and they have nothing in common, they are not dry, thay are super smooth and creamy, weird...

Have you tried this MAC product, did you experience the same problem?

Thank you very much for reading =)
Have a geat one everybody

*Pictures are mine, please do not take it without my permission, thank you*

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