My Blackberry BROKE! (Bold 9930 Review)

4 years ago

In mid October 2011, I finally got a new phone. I chose a blackberry because I didn`t want to wait a few more weeks for the iPhone 4s to come out. For months, it was a really great phone and I liked it because its touch screen and has a QWERTY keyboard, but then yesterday 10 keys literally fell off my keyboard when I was taking my phone out of my pocket! Now I really can`t text since the shift key and 9 other letters/numbers are missing so I called my cellphone server. They want pictures of the phone to see what the damage is, and if its deemed as innapropriate physical damage, I have to pay $299 even though its under warranty since I haven`t had it for a full year and I have insurance on the phone. I googled my problem as well and other people have had the same problem when removing their phone from the holster.

Besides that, the phone is the best blackberry yet. I wish the battery life was longer though and for the past few months its been freezing and lagging.

I have about 1 year left until an upgrade is available and I will definitely stay away from Blackberries after this! Team iPhone!

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