My Birthday Cake :)

4 years ago

It was my 17th birthday on the 15th and my mom was the sweetest. She went out and bought me a cake :`) My favourite cake ever is the mango fruit cake from Annas Cake House. My mom said she was planning to get me that but they ran out so she picked this up instead. She got a coffee cake with buttercream frosting. It was a super small cake, most people in my family don`t like cake. crazy huhh? My mom made sure to get a small cake cause she didnt want any to go to waste. This cake was super dry and the buttercream was too thick and sweet -.- i was disappointed since the other cakes i`ve tried at Annas Cake House is delicious! I got sick of the cake after a few bites cause it was way too sweet. The only good thing about it was the fruits (which there isnt even much of). This cake was a miss, i love the other cakes from the store is delicious though!

<strong>What`s your favourite cake?</strong>

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