My biggest thrift store Haul!

Hey hey guys, it`s been a really long time since I`ve been on this website. I have been really busy with school and other activities, especially with my college courses. But here I am back for more. Hopefully this time around I can actually get enough dollars so I can buy myself something nice from the shop. This weekend I went out to the mall with my bestest friend in the world. However most of the nice things that I found were way overpriced and being on the tight college student budget, I really could not spend $50 on a single shirt. After a a while of looking around the mall and not finding anything we decided to go to the small salvation army thrift store located a street away. At first it was really frustrating trying to find something that wasn`t old, smelly, oversized, or funny looking. But after a couple of minutes I got used to swiftly browsing through the racks. Mostly all of the nicer high-end brand were large or had some overbearing imperfections and that was really a big turnoff. I`m usually a size S or M depending on the brand so it was a bit frustrating trying to find a nice fitting garment. Soon enough I started finding slowly the nicer things that were actually in my size.

I managed to find eight shirts in total at the end of my trip, but only after spending three hours looking through their very bad selection of clothing. You can see that I really tried to get really dressy colors. I bet you guys can`t guess how much I spent in total. Believe it or not I spent $25.62 in total. This has been my biggest haul ever, and I really don`t regret it because I usually never find any nice things at the charity shops. However I am still waiting to see if I can find a hidden treasure.

Do do you guys like to shop at thrift stores?
At first I thought it was gross, but it wasn`t in a position to be very picky. I do spend some money on new clothes sometimes but not all the time.

- Ricardo

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