My Betty Crocker Moment...

Hello everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your St. Patrick`s Day! Yesterday I had a Betty Crocker moment and decided to make some Indian Coconut Macaroons. I was just experimenting so I only made a small amount. Not bad for my first time right?

Overall it tasted pretty good, I just felt that it needed a little more taste to it. I love my desserts to be really tasty! It wasn`t too sweet which I was really happy about. My mom has type 2 diabetes so she liked that they weren`t too sweet.

I followed one of the tutorial videos on youtube to make these. The ingredients I used were: Coconut pulp, Vanilla Essence, 1 egg white, and crushed peanuts. All I did was toast the Coconut pulp on low in the toaster to harden it a bit. Afterwards I took it out of the toaster and mixed the Vanilla Essence, egg white and crushed peanuts altogether. Formed little balls with them and put them in the toaster....then voila!

Lemme tell smells so GOOD while it`s toasting AND it tastes really good after it`s toasted!! It`s perfect to sprinkle on top of cakes, cupcakes, cookies, donuts, etc. I would toast a whole bag and munch on them throughout the day everyday if I could but I believe in moderation with everything so I wouldn`t actually do this lol. Next time I will be sure to perfect this recipe!

****PICTURE IS MINE!!!****

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