My Bento Lunch #1

5 years ago

Hey everyone! I`ve been trying to be healthier lately so I`ve been making my own lunch. School has started and I hardly have any time to cook for myself in between classes like before. Also I don`t want to eat fast food as much as I used to because I want to live past the age of 50. lol Kidding, I work out so I should be fine, right?

But anyways on the top I have inari sushi (sweet/salty fried tofu pockets filled with whatever you want) I filled two of the inari with sticky rice, topped with seaweed salad. The third inari, I just filled with potato salad (my friend said it was a common filling). Next to that I also added some shrimp chips (moderation is key!) because I wanted a variety of foods.

On the next layer I have leftover spicy eggplant that my friend made for new years. Next to that is sauteed spinach with mrs. dash. Do you like eating spinach? I hardly ever see my friends eating vegetables. LOL Maybe it`s just me, but I can eat spinach everyday! Plus it`s packed with lots of good nutrients for your body.

Hopefully I`ll be able to remember to post my bento pictures as I make them. But it`s super difficult for me to think of what to put in these little containers. I`m not that creative and this can only hold so much you know? lol Oh if you made it through this long post, congratulations! Okay, that`s not what I really wanted to say, but I got this bento from Daiso (kind of like a Dollar Store filled with Japanese goodies) for $3 USD! Super cheap! I wish I had gotten more. Let me know what you think! What do you eat for lunch when you`re in school ?

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