My beautiful Valentine`s Day bouquet lt3

5 years ago

My hubby really brightened my day today. I didn`t expect him to get me flowers for Vday. I always told him that I think flowers are such a waste of money, they`re pretty and nice to have but I rather him spend that money taking me out to eat. So while I was at work today, I saw from the corner of my eye that a man w/ a huge bouquet of flowers was walking towards my desk. As he approached me he said "Karen?" and I replied "that`s me!" My jaw literally dropped when I saw the bouquet up close. It was huge, purple, sparkly, and it smelled amazing. It has a dozen of white roses that are hand dipped in purple glitter and wrapped in special Cantonese style wrapping. My hubby went way over the top with this bouquet, I was actually kind of embarrassed because all my co-workers came over to look at it. I never received Cantonese style bouquets so this was a really sweet surprise from my hubs. He said that the roses are supposed to bloom and they will look even prettier with the white peaking through the purple glitter tips. I can`t wait to see that! Happy Valentine`s day Luuuxies! Hope you all had a wonderful day!

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