My Beautiful Inexpensive Sunflowers

4 years ago

I bought these beautiful sunflowers a while back from the Union Square Farmers Market. I did a post on it also:
It was first time shopping there and it was a great experience. The entire sidewalk was filled with these mini stands/markets. And as I was walking around, I spotted these beautiful sunflowers that I loved. They were so big and vibrant and when I saw the price, I couldn`t leave without them because they were so cheap. They were $2 each and there was a bunch of all different sizes in the buckets. I chose 3 slightly different sizes,s o it would look nice and balanced. The only hard part was taking them out of the bucket because there were swarms of bees on it hahas. But, I made it out alive without being stung =P.

When I came home, I noticed that they were already pretty delicate and gentle, like it would die in a few days. Which is understandable, considering the Summer is pretty much over(i should have gotten them sooner). I got my long vase out, filled it with water and stuck the sunflowers in. Because they were so heavy, I couldn`t leave it like that bc it would just tip over and spill. So, I decided to put the vase inside another short cylinder vase and poured in these fake little rocks to hold it. Everything worked out, I adjusted it to look nice and let it sit near the window sill.

However, the flowers itself didn`t last that long, surprise, surprise! Within the third day the petals would fall out with just one touch. I tried the clean out the water every 2 days, but it didn`t make a huge difference. They lasted for about 5 days, and I ended up throwing them out. Still happy with my purchase though :)

Thanks for reading! I just wanted to share it with you guys and give you some ideas. Have a great day!

Have you guys ever bought sunflowers? If so, how much were they?

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