My Bean Has Sprouted - Semi Success

4 years ago

You always want to talk about successes more than failures so we`ll say that the logo bean plant I got from the Hilton was a semi success and not a semi failure. It did sprout in the amount of time it said it would. I brought it home from work because although I have two windows in my office, they don`t face the right direction to get a good amount of sunlight. I had almost forgotten about it and only watered it once and my mom said the other day your bean plant has grown and then I was like crap I haven`t watered it in 2 weeks, but mom watered it :)

It is a semi success as the bean was laser inscribed to supposed to have "" and "" on the sides of the bean but as you can see the laser inscription damaged the bean and it is only partially visible. The Hilton has 8 to 12 chains of hotels and the Hampton and the Hilton Garden Inn are the ones I deal with for work, so it was a good idea at the time, but marketing wise if your logo isn`t in full view it isn`t worth your while.

Did you think my bean plant would be a success?
Have you or your family planted anything in your garden or indoors this year?
What`s your favorite plant?
Mine are probably flowering plants like peonies which we have on the side of our house :) They smell amazing, but every time I walk by them there are like 4 bees at least so I quickly walk by so I don`t feel like I am going to get chased and stung lol.

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