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2 years ago

The bottom picture shows my collection of all the BB creams I have from oldest to recent that i purchased. The three pictures on the top are all me in the order of BB cream matching the bottom picture!

1.Missha BB Cream Perfect Cover in NO. 27 Honey Beige
--->How I came to know this BB Cream was when I went to 2013`s Korean Festival On Mel Lastman Square near Yonge and FInch in North York /Toronto Ontario and they were handing out samples of Missha brand products and one of them was this BB Cream in this specific colour. I did a video wearing this BB Cream and I was sold. One reason was because it had good coverage. The colour commpared to the other two is more tan as it is called Honey Beige. When I know I am going out in the sun I use this BB Cream since it has SPF coverage of 42. I sometimes mix my bb creams some days I will mix it with my other BB Creams but mostly the best combination I have so far is this BB Cream with The Body Shop`s Tea Tree oil BB Cream. I have used MIssha`s for almost a year now and I can say that it definitely has good coverage until i started breaking out from using it. But then I realized it wasn`t the product itself but how I applied it; which was with my hands even if I washed my hands. (I now use a wet make up sponge) This bb cream is made for a middle aged audience I just bought it because of a sample. It is for the middle aged audience because it helps with preventing wrinkles. As well if you are looking for a bb cream to lighten your skin tone you might as well try this one.

2. The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso BB Cream For all skin types but recommended for Asian skin type since this line from The Body Shop was made especially for Asian skin. I remember buying this around mother`s day 2014 so I had this bb cream for about 3 months. It is really pale on my skin but as you go into the day and you create natural oils on your face you get this amazing glow. The packaging says it brightens and conceals; brightening I can see that. Concealing; my acne scars are darker than my skin so it shows. The manager at The Body Shop told me that Shiso has nutrient benefits and it does soften your skin (when I wear it out) Since it is a little pale for my skin tone I mix it with The Body Shop`s Tea Tree oil BB cream.

3. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil BB cream in #2 (Three colours in total) The only reason why I bought this BB Cream was because my acne was bad a month ago. I got this a month ago and with this bb cream that I have been using by itself or with a mix of my other bb cream and in combination with washing my face with its other Tea tree oil line I don`t have any acne anymore.

My favourite out of the three:
My favourite out of the three I would say is the Body Shop`s Tea Tree Oil. The only reason it is my favourite at the moment is because it serves under the purpose of my audience where I am looking for something to prevent acne.

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