My Barbie Nails amp iPhone Ramble :)

4 years ago

My Barbie Nails & iPhone Ramble :)

Hello My Lovelies,

This is my 3rd post of the day, i`m so on a roll right now haha, i have an album on my desktop with all recent photos of items i want to pst about and i`m slowly working my way through them. I went town today purely to get my nails done, however, i got distracted and could resist a little shopping as you can see from my other precious posts :)

These are my Barbie Nails :) the bright pink shade is `Shocking Pink (Neon) by China Glaze & The Glitter is `Servin` Up Sparkle` by OPI which is an ultimate favorite of mine :D

I absolutely love how my nails have turned out, i`m really loving glitter at the moment and have had glitter on my nails the past few sessions i`ve been to have a manicure. I think it looks really pretty and girly. They remind me of `Barbie Nails` i didn`t notice until they were drying and i said to my mum `They Remind Me Of Barbie` haha and see totally agreed with me :L

I might get questions about my iPhone case :) i recently got a New iPhone 4s, i`m still using my iPhone 3GS however, my contract ended in January and i`m waiting for the iPhone 5 because it`s coming out in October so we`ve been told. However, i dropped my iPhone 3GS down the toilet :/ i know, the funny part was that i wasn`t even using anything in the toilet haha So we had to go buy a new one, then me and my Dad got talking about just buying a iPhone 4s in the mean time whilst waiting for the iPhone 5. I`m still using my 3GS on my 02 contract and i`m using my iPhone 4s on a Giff Gaff contract which i have to say is really good :D i`m testing that out for a month to see if everything works well with that and then i`ll end my 02 contract and use Giff Gaff constantly. Haha so thats the story at the moment on the iPhone front, i`m living off 2 phones haha

My iPhone case is from a local store near me, however, you can find loads of them on Ebay :)

Hope you liked my Barbie Nail & my little ramble about iPhones haha







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