My Baby Lips Collection - Updated Review and Overview - ENTIRE COLLECTION

5 years ago

Most people in the beauty community would of at least seen or heard of <em> Baby Lips!</em>

In Australia it was released about 7 months earlier, and our`s is quite different compared to the USA version. Same name and brand, different packaging and use!

I still am to try the other version of the baby lips, which seems to have both positive and negative reviews. But these get nothing but good talk!

<strong> In total I have owned 9, but lost one</strong>

At the moment I have 8, and yes, it is the whole entire collection out in stores at the moment, and i made it my job to collect them all!

They all have different flavours, so many people have the fave. But they all do the same amazing job.

<strong> They help repair chapped lips, moisturise and leave them a lot smoother just over 24 hours!</strong>

When I went on a Skiing trip my lips were so chapped and bleeding from the climate, these really were a huge help in mending them and during the painful process!

<strong> The only cost me $3.95 each! WOO!</strong>

So in order of the top picture these are the names!
(Which seems to be all fruity berries or fruits)
- Cherry Velvet
- Mango Pie
- Orange Fizz
- Menthol
- Anti-Oxidant Berry
- Smoothing Cherry
- Protecting Berry Limited Edition (2)

I really recommend these! They are a holy grail and I love them to bits! Great for handbag uses and such! Small, easy and cheap!

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