My baby kitteh!!

4 years ago

This is my little kitten and its kind of a sad story with a good ending of how I got her. One day my friends and I were at the beach and we were driving home and my friend lives down the street from me so her brother was at the park at the end of our street shooting hoops while we were away. But as we were turning onto our road we saw him looking under a giant pine tree and like circling it. So obviously we were like wtf... so we got out and asked him what he was doing and he said that while he was at the basketball court some woman drove ino the parking lot dropped out this tiny cat and drove away. So he tried to pick it up but it was so scared that it ran all the way across the parking lot, across the street, and under this giant tree. Now I doubt you`ve ever tried to clib into/under a pine tree of this size, but let me tell you its not easy. So I spent like 40 minutes trying to get this poor baby out from under the tree but she was so scared she kept moving to the other side of the trunk. Finally we got her out and took her home and she was just terrified. We kept her in our bathroom to keep her away from our other two cats in case she had a disease or something and she would hide behind the toilet and hiss and growl and spit at you every time you tried to touch her. This was my third rescue this year and a I was actually preparing myself to bring her to the humane society like the other two but my dad ended up saying "she`s so tiny and cute how could we let her be adopted by someone else?" And we actually took her to the vet like 5 days after we found her and after 5 days of feeding her well she still only weighed 1.5 lbs. But now, she is actually really naughty and mean to our other cats haha.
Do you guys love cats? I do!! Crazy cat lady in the making here :)

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