My attempt at making pistachio macarons.

5 years ago

Now I know why macarons are so expensive! They are way too time consuming!!! If you dont know already I love macarons! Yes they are pricey for really good ones but they are just so good! Well a few months back while I was at tj maxx I saw a book on macarons so I bought it and told myself that I would one day attempt to make it. Well a few months past and the book just collected dust sitting on my book shelf but I finally took it out the other day and started to plan it all out. Pistachio is my favorite macaron flavor so thats what I decided to use. I probably should have started out with a more basic recipe like chocolate or vanilla because making the pistachio flavored ones took a lot more time then I thought.
I needed ground pistachios and I looked at my grocery store and they only have the shelled pistachios and then deshelled salted ones. So I was forced to get the ones with the shells and for about 30 minutes I sat at my kitchen counter taking of the shells. It took forever!
The process of making macarons is just so long but then again I kinda wasnt really prepared. I should have prepared some things like the pistachios in advanced because thats what took a lot of time. The macarons dont even take that long to bake but like I said the process is long. You have to separate you eggs 24 hours in advanced the day before making them and keep the whites in the fridge then on the day your going to bake them you have to take the egg whites out of the fridge and let it come to room temperature. Another part of making these that was time consuming was after piping out the macarons on baking sheets you have to let it sit on the counter for at least 15 to dry so that it gets that hard outer shell. If youve had a macaron before youll know what Im talking about.

I actually didnt even end up using the recipe in the book that I had I instead used a recipe that I found online and I like it better because it actually had pistachios in the cookie so I wanted to use that but for the filling I didnt use the one that came with that recipe either because by the time I was done baking the macarons I was so tires to I settled for whipped cream. I just ended up making my own whipped cream that had powdered sugar, almond and vanilla extract, ground pistachios, and just a tiny amount of green food coloring. Ill add the link for the recipe I used below! Its a fairly simple recipe but you just have to be really organized and plan it out in advanced.

Will I ever make macarons again? Hmmm maybe, but well see. These ones that I made did turn out pretty good. Buying them is expensive but to go through all that work again I dont know if I want to make them again! Lol

<em>Have you ever made macarons from scratch?</em>

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