My art piece from the help of PhotoVivaApp!

<strong>PhotoViva</strong> is an application that allows you to transform your images into works of art! This application allows you to be creative and even if you`re not creative, your piece of art will come out beautifully. I myself am not creative when it comes to painting but I actually love how my art work turned out even though it`s just something simple.

<strong>What this application features?</strong>
Lots of tools - You can crop/add shadows, brightmess, saturate photos, sharpen photos and so forth
All sorts of brushes to paint your paintings
Lots of colors to chose from
And much more!

This application is really cool and very endless, you can have a great time painting on your phone and be creative. This application is currently free and is expected to be $1.99. You can be a designer/artist any time with this application! =)

<strong>What do you think of my art work? Is this an art work you would buy for your kitchen or something? What do you think about being able to do "art" on the computer - Is this why it`s hard to be an artist as a career because we have technology on the tips of our fingers?</strong> Even though this is a painting I just messed around with on the application, I like how it turned out. I placed a frame on my painting with a different program.

Photos via Print Screen from my Apple iPhone 3GS.

<em>Btw: Even though this is an application and should fit as a Technology post, I feel that this is more of a design because I`m talking about the final product "painting/design of the photo" that this application allows you to do.</em>
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