My Apple Mighty Mouse Review

5 years ago

Apple is known for their great designs in products and besides computers, they also have the might mouse and as soon as i saw it i instantly liked it but unfortunatly it was expensive but i remember to look it up on ebay and bought it there for less money.
I got it a year or so after i got a macbook, back in 2008 i believe and at the time it costed me 50 with shipping. To be honest i don`t know what i was thinking giving so much money for a mouse lol but it was sometime ago and what is done is done and it actually a good mouse.
Here is my review on it:

<strong>Positive aspects:</strong>
-Design , it has an great and stylish design, very minimalistic
-Wireless via BT, so if you already have bluetooth built-in you don`t need to use an extra port for it
-360ยบ scrolling , the ball in the mouse rotates and allows for a better scrolling experience
-Side buttons for shortcuts
-Optical mouse
-AA batteries. This can be considered a negative point for some but i see it as positive because you can have backup recharged batteries and always use the mouse.

<strong>Negative aspects:</strong>
-Not compatible ( or at least easily and working 100%) with other OS besides MAC OS
-Expensive, you can get other mouses that are wireless for less but this does look much nicer and has some extra functions

Overall is a great mouse but it would be better if it was a bit cheaper and most importantly, work with all OS and Apple would benefit from it in terms of sells actually.

<strong>Have you used or have a mighty mouse? What mouse do you have?</strong>

(pictures are mine)

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