My 90`s Grunge inspired Outfit

2 years ago

Hey Guys!

Today, instead of only making a post showing you a piece of clothing that I bought I wanted to create a look with it and show you guys. I`m really obsessed with the grunge of the 90`s and, to me, plaid shirts scream this style.

I was going around the mall the other day and I found this pink plaid shirt and I had to get it. The color is feminine and it`s not so obvious as a red plaid shirt, you know what I mean? Anyway, I got it and decided to make a look with it which is the picture you can see above.

Now, my tips to create the perfect Grunge look is: mix and match these statement pieces: floral, overalls, round sunnies, black tights, plaid and flannel, combat boots and ripped jeans. These are the main pieces that you find when thinking about Grunge, right?

For the look I created you can see that there is no overalls, simply because I can`t find one that I like anywhere, which is driving me nuts, so I created a simpler look, but it still has the 90`s grunge vibe I wanted. And this is just my reading of it. You can mix and match the way you prefer.

So I wanted to use my `Edward scissor hands` shirt, because I love the combination of black and white, and, instead of wearing a band`s shirt I thought that this one would give more personality to the look, but I couldnt find it so I used this simple white t-shirt. It would make it a little different, you know? Instead of wearing a nirvana shirt, for example. (I love nirvana, by the way, I just wanted something different for my look)

Then I paired the shirt with some jeans shorts and with black tights. Now jeans shorts and black tights is the combination that most screams grunge to me. I just think that it doesnt matter what you are wearing with them if you wear these two together youre already looking grunge in my opinion LOL. Its even better if the shorts are ripped

Then I created some layers with the plaid shirt, you could do this with a denim jacket too. Denim is very 90s. And I just forgot to include the shoes in the picture, my bad, but some black converses would be awesome here, or even those red ones, they are super cool and they would give a cool pop of color to the outfit, but if you dont want to mix the pink with the red the black would work the best. You can also wear the red shoes with the classic red plaid shirt.
So, yeah, this is my reading of the 90s grunge. A very simple outfit, but I really like it and its good for a casual situation.

What do you guys think?

Let me know

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*pictures are mine and edited by me*

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