My 5 Makeup Must Haves !!!!

4 years ago

Hi Everyone!
Okay, so there are always a few makeup products a girl can`t live without. Here are my 5 makeup products that I simply love, and cannot live without. These makeup products as well as any other makeup products, are not made to hide your face, but to bring out your features. So guys, don`t pound on that makeup, let your real beauty show :)!!! So here are my top 5 makeup products:

1. I think my number one makeup product I simply cannot live without is a mascara. I think mascara is a must have. It really makes a hugee difference when it comes to the eyes. My eyelashes are super long, BUT they are blonde like my hair, and I need something to bring them out, and make my eyes pop. I just purchased this new Loreal Voluminous Power Volume Collagen mascara, and I`ve only had it on once, but my 1st impression of it is it`s really good, because it gives me lots of volume :) Which I love !
*I`ll have a review on it soon :) Have to test it out more :)

2. Another makeup product I cannot live without is concealer. I do not use a liquid foundation, but I use a concealer to hide the blemishes or pimples that like to appear on my face from time to time -_-.... Also, red areas like around my nose or chin. Right now I`m using this MAC Select Cover up concealer, which is also a very good concealer because it`s not cakey at all, but very smooth and liquidy, and it blends it great !

3. The next product I cannot live without is an eyeliner. Since my eyes are blue, I like to add a bit of darkness to them such as a black mascara or a black eyeliner to make them pop even more. I think it just makes the makeup look a bit more put together. A little bit of eyeliner on the waterline, and some more on the top lash line, and you`re all set :) I also like to smoke out or blend out the liner on my upper lash line, to make the look even more natural :) * I absolutely loveeeee the Revlon colorstay eyeliner, it`s very long lasting, won`t smudge, and it`s simply great :)

4. I also cannot live without my Bare Minerals powder. As I mentioned before, I do not use a liquid foundation, but I like to conceal my problem areas and then dust a bit of mineral powder on my face to make it look a bit more glowing and healthy.

5. And lastly, I love bronzer, or blush, but since I had to pick 5 I chose bronzer because it can kind of double up as a blush if you like a nice natural looking glow. I also like to contour my cheeks, because it gives you that nice dimension, and makes your makeup more complete. You don`t need a lot, because you don`t want to look like Snooki, but dust a bit of bronzer on the areas where the sun naturally hits, and you`re all set, looking nice, healthy, and glowing.

** What are YOUR 5 Makeup product must haves?

**Picture is my own !!!

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