My 4 Month Progress + Tips for weight loss

4 years ago

Hi all xx
I wanted to show you my progress after four months of weight lifting, clean dieting, but NO CARDIO. I fixed my diet drastically (NO fast food, soda, candy, rice, simple carbs, etc) and went to the gym every day. It is definitely a struggle when you first start going to the gym, but remember, anything that you keep up with for 21 days is no longer a DECISION, it is a HABIT.

Tips to lose weight:
-EAT. It is important not to starve yourself, as this will result in feeling tired, unhappy, and you will be malnourished. I have been through this stage and it is NOT fun nor is it healthy
-SNACK on fruits but keep an eye on how much you consume. Fruits contain carbs as well (sugar) and too much is not good for you
-ORGANIC & WHEAT does not always mean healthy. Though they are a better alternative, do NOT think you are eating clean. WHEAT bread is almost as bad as white, it is just a better "alternative".
-MEALS should always include veggies and some form of protein. CHICKEN BREASTS have good fats, are high in protein, and easy to cook - steam, saute, boil, etc
-SALADS are not the only way to diet. Diet smart and fill your life with veggies and chicken breast OR salmon

Leave your tips and feedback below!


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