My 3 iphones

4 years ago

At one point in time, I had 3 iPhones.

Don`t ask me why, even I`m still puzzled on why I had 3 iPhones in my possession.

One of them is an iPhone 4 which is mine. I have cost Apple $2,360 USD due to that phone. Within the first 6 months I`ve had it, I had to bring it to Apple 5 times and they kept having to replace my phone because they couldn`t find out what the problem was. Most of it was a hardware malfunction that they couldn`t fix. The last 6 months, I brought my phone in 3 more times because it kept breaking down. Each time, Apple charges you $295 to replace your phone. However, since I was under warranty, I never had to pay it.

The other 2 are iPhone 4s. One I bought my older sister for Christmas because I really hated her blackberry.

The other iPhone 4s, the white one, is my work phone.

After having 3 iPhones, I will not be buying the iPhone 5, nor do I have faith that iPhones can survive me.

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