My 2nd MP3 player (and a little more)

4 years ago

Picture is my own. (sorry if it`s a little blurry >.<)

This was my 2nd MP3 player. After my Nextar had served me well I had to get a new one becasue of space reasons. 512mbs just wasn`t going to cut it anymore. So just after Christmas 2009 I used my Wal-Mart gift card I had gotten as a present and some other Christmas money to buy a Philips GoGear for $80. (that was a lot for me) With it`s 2GB memory and the ability to both play Music, video, hold pictures, and had a built in FM radio in it, it suited me to a T. It easily fit all my music and even with a few videos on it it still had plenty of room. And even though I had to convert the video into SMV and it chopped off the side to fit the 250 x 250 Megapixle screen, I was very satisfied with it. I used it all the way up until earlier this year. I had gotten a PSP (again using Christmas money) and my Mother bought me an 8GB memory card for it. And as a trade for the 8GB memory card I gave my mother my Philips GoGear and she uses it now. Although she doesn`t use it as much as I did she has found uses for it, like when she exercises or is just sitting around the house. So it still lives on even today going strong and still being loved.

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