My 2012 summer outfit ideas!!!

5 years ago

So this is one of my summer ideas for 2012.Many of us can`t wait for summer (which is me).I love the cold but i miss the beaches and shorts and swiming.Everyday i`m buying and checking what outfit`s are going to be popular this summer .I haven`t heard of the new trend or outfit`s for this year.But in my littile world i know what are cute and appropriate for this spring.

So this is my first outfit idea.This outfit is appropriate for summer because it has everything.This young lady was wearing a BLUE FOREVER21 DRESS.This dress is one of a kind.What i like about this dress is that it has flowers and the colors are red,white .These dresses represents the flowers growing lol jk.She was wearing a BLUE FOREVER21 SHIRT .

For her shoes she was wearing BROWN CHARLES ALBERT SHOES.Her accessories were some GOLD FOREVER21 EARRINGS,BROWN THIRFT BELT,watch .What i thought about this outfit is that she looked really nice.I like how she added different colors like brown and red .The one thing i would change would be the white jacket or whatever it`s called .The second picture she looks ugly with the white jacket or shirt .On the first picture she looks better.Her bag looks cute.this look was for 2010 but looks for 2012 .

So if you liked the So if you want to buy the BLUE FOREVER21 DRESS you could find it anywhere.I have one and i bought it at Ross or forever21,They cost like 2o$ or 15$ not that expensive.You could find the shoes anywhere i would suggest going to payless or Ross.Those are the best shoe store and very cheap.The BROWN THIRFT BELT could be found anywhere i would go to Ross too,Or even find one in your home I`ve have tons.

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