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4 years ago

Recently on my recent trip to Southern California, I visited a place called MVP Happy Castle Club. What this place is, it`s a store filled with the claw machines. And in these claw machines are super cute Asian stuffed animals. Please keep in mind, this is not your average claw machine like the ones seen at Chuckie Cheese. This is claw machines at a whole new level.

Unfortunately I do not have a picture of the actual place, however, you can yelp pictures of this place. Just search it by the store name, "MVP Happy Castle Cub" located in Arcadia, CA.

Now when I say, this is not your average claw machine, I mean it. Why? Because when have you ever seen or even heard of a claw machine with a brand new Louis Vuitton purse as the prize, or a brand new iPad mini? I kid you not, these were some of the fancier prizes. Now granted that the machines are totally rigged and isn`t going to just hand you a Louis Vuitton purse, it`s worth a try. If you get it, then yay, if not, oh well. You HAVE to go into these kinds of places, and casinos, knowing, you can`t always walk out a winner. And that`s why you limit yourself. You have to remember, if you don`t win something, it`s okay. And if you do, then awesome!

Anyways, this is one of those must check out places if you`re ever in the area. I mean, would t you wanna go home with a cutie like the one in the picture? Did I mention you can trade your prizes? So if you win something from a machine and you`re not happy about its color or whatnot, you are welcome to trade it with anything from that same machine. Also, you can trade a certain number of prizes you win from the machine, for a different prize that they have on hand.

Have any of you ever see or even dreamed of a place like this? And if you`ve ever visited a place similar to this, how do you keep yourself from going crazy in here spending too much money?

(Picture is my own)

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