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5 years ago

Since spring and summer are right around the corner, the winter has probably had a harsh effect on your lips right? I know it did on mine! What`s the best way to fix this? A lip scrub! And my all time favorite lip scrub is definitely by LUSH! I absolutely love this ALL year round. When I was on my honeymoon in Hawaii, my husband and I went to LUSH for the first time...and we went a little crazy! I loved it, and so did he. We appreciated that everything was fresh and handmade, and the smells were amazing and unique. I had heard so much about these lip scrubs so I immediately looked at them first. LUSH offers (3) distinct flavors: Mint Julips, Sweet Lips and Bubblegum. My favorite was Mint Julips...yummy! Here is why I think these are a must have!

* They retail for only $8.95, I think this is very affordable for the quality you are getting
* Each lip scrub contains 25 grams of product, that will last you a VERY long time (I`ve had mine since October and I use mine 2-3x a week...I have plenty to spare!)
* Every time is fresh and handmade with quality organic ingrediants
* Each item has a sticker on it with the name and picture of the person who made and packaged the item. It also includes the date it was made AND when you should use it by
* It`s very easy to use
* It has the perfect texture
* Smells AND tastes absolutely amazing
* It`s gentle enough on my lips yet does an amazing job exfoliating them
* There are (3) flavors to choose from: Mint Julips (think mint chocolate), Sweet Lips (chocolate and vanilla), and Bubblegum (just how it sounds, yummy bubblegum!)
* Most of their products are vegan free! yay!

*all images are mine, do not steal*

As you can see, there are quite a few reasons why I love this product, and LUSH in general. I have tried a few other lip scrubs but they were either to harsh on my lips, left them feeling greasy or simply weren`t effective enough. This is my HG product, especially when I`m going to prep my lips for a matte lipstick! I use this about 2x a week and then I apply my favorite lip conditioner...instant soft and supple lips! I HIGHLY suggest you give this amazing product a try! I can`t wait to try even more products from LUSH!

What is your favorite LUSH product?

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