Music we all love.

Music. It`s something that makes us happy. It sets us free. It can somehow even change us. So, why is it that people like to bully other people for the music they listen to?

Why is it that just because someone listens to a band or a singer that another person finds annoying or `fake` they are targets to be picked on.

See, I like all kinds of music. GreenDay, SimplePlan, Marianas Trench, AllTimeLow, Taylor Swift, One Direction, ect...

So, if there is one band/singer up there that you don`t like, does that make it okay for you to message me saying that I have no taste in music? That I don`t deserve to live unless I listen to some `real` bands? No. It doesn`t.

Music is about freedom and making people happy. It`s about what YOU like and no one else.

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