Music Monday on Friday: Honor Society!!!!

4 years ago

I had a very busy weekend full of my favorite thing, concerts! On saturday i was very fortunate to be invited to a house party where one of my favorite bands would be Honor Society, then on Sunday night i was out seeing Sugarland. But this Monday it`s all about Honor Society! I`ve been an Honor Society fan since about 2008-09 and I`ve been to almost every show in the state since. But enough about that onto Saturday`s show! Saturday was the best show i`ve been to, i don`t really want to call it a concert because it was just a group of people in a girls back yard having a great time! I re-kindled an old friendship I didn`t even know i had until we started talking, it`s funny when you have so many things in common with one person you used to know. Honor Society played a for over an hour and then we got to chill out with them and meet them afterwards. Before they started playing we all sat out in the back yard and had dinner and chatted. It was really cool! I managed to get a picture with all the guys! Top left is Michael Bruno (lead singer, guitar) Top right Alexander Noyes (Drums) Bottom left to right Brittany (new fond friend) Jason Rosen (Keyboard, Guitar, vocals) Me (owner of this blog) Andrew Lee (Bass, Vocals). The boys are all really sweet I am planning on attending their show in Joliet IL on August 24th if your in the area you should definitely come and see the guys play! The most amazing part of the night was that I had the honor to get onstage and sing with them, as well as a few other gals. We sang their song Over You, it was honestly one of the best moments of my life. It`s been a dream of mine to sing on stage for as long as i can remember and to finally have the opportunity and with one of my favorite bands I just wish I hadn`t been so shy about it hopefully there will be a next time. I was able to share a microphone with Jason. After they finished playing everyone just stood around and talked to everyone for a while, and after trying for years i finally had the chance to ask him about going to Berklee. Jason is a graduate from the great college of music, a dream school of mine. I just wanted to get a basic idea of the school and get someones real opinion of it. He had nothing but good things to say about it! he completely re-inspired me to keep my venture up and apply for their summer program next year. Micheal also encouraged me to follow my dream of composing film scores for Disney. Oh and the boys have claimed the nickname The Gentleman and make no mistake they really are true gentleman. Often times they would hold the door open for the ladies to walk in or out, and they`re just very kind in general. I`ve met my fair share of celebrities and the Gentleman of Honor Society are by far the sweetest! Right now you can download one of their songs for Free! All you have to do is Click Here to download their song All Night Long I bet you`ll fall in love with their music just like i have! Check out their facebook page follow the group on twitter Here and individually: Alexander Noyes: Michael Bruno: Jason Rosen: Andrew Lee: Happy Listening!
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